About Time

So, almost a year later, graduated and with a REAL library job, I’m back. What can I say, life got busy. I finished two wonderful practicums with two wonderful school librarians, graduated, spent the summer working in the archives of a private company, and after a brief break from all things library related (working retail is a great brain break), I’m finally at a school library! It’s not my own, I work under a Teacher Librarian, but because she’s only part time and I’m full time there are days when I have the space to myself. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Working in a private library- think archives- is not for everyone. I’m glad I got to spend time trying out life outside a school, but because I’m a social person it was difficult to work on projects alone. There are only three employees at this particular company, one who works with the historical artifacts (art, clothing, books, medals, etc.), one who does special projects, and one who works with the company’s records. I spent most of my time with the historical artifacts, doing everything from cataloguing to scanning to preserving art. I was very lucky to get along with my supervisor, but because archives is a solitary job, it attracts people with quirks. As I said though, I am happy I tried something outside a school.

I’ve only been at my current school for three weeks, but already I feel confident that a school library is truly the place for me. I love working with teachers and students and being swept up in the interruptions of the day. I’m hoping soon I’ll have more responsibilities and be able to take on some projects. Because this is a charter school, the students and teachers are much more devoted to teaching and learning. It’s gratifying to come to work at a school where everyone is on the same page about education. The library itself is already a Learning Commons physically, but the librarian and administration are working to help students and staff use the space as a Learning Commons. For now, this is a wonderful place to be!


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