Ay Carumba! I’m Bored!


I’ve been lucky enough to listen in on several debates surrounding The House of the Scorpion novel studies here at the school. The grade 8s have clearly been spending a good amount of time learning about everything from cloning to cartels to health care to better their arguments for their debating projects. I’m so impressed by their enthusiasm for the novel and all the issues raised by it. Since the book’s been on my to-read list for a year now, I grabbed an extra copy from the school and settled down to enjoy. And then I just didn’t. The story is wonderfully written and the premise of a young boy being raised to take over a dangerous future drug cartel is interesting- who doesn’t love a good clone story! Nancy Farmer is also a wonderful writer, and I definitely don’t feel like I’m reading a YA novel. It’s so very detailed and long though. I was talking to the TL here and she agreed. There’s just something about this book that’s too dull. What a let down! Will I recommend it? Absolutely. It’s got great literary value and amazing themes. Personally, I’m done with it.


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