With two people working in my library, I find that I have downtime everyday. Of course, our library is very well run, very efficient, and very regimented so when new books come in or classes unexpectedly show up we can easily shift what we’re doing to accommodate. My downtime is usually spent checking out book blogs and bestseller lists, looking for ideas. I’m finding though that there’s only so much time I can spend on the computer and only so many books I can re-lable before I want to weep. Taking on new projects can be hard at this time of the year with only 2 months left and because I’m new I don’t want to start proposing new things with so little experience here. This brings me back to what to do in my downtime. I’m finding it hard to do busy work because there really isn’t any. Sometimes teachers who have free time come wandering into the library looking to help- what do they do when we turn them away?


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