Come One Come All!

I’m always disappointed that there aren’t more students busily working away in the library. Of course I get distracted and end up listening to hilarious preteen conversations if there are, but it’s good when a space is being used how it’s meant to be! Today, delight of delights, the library has been crazy busy. There are presentations for the grade nines all day, taking up the large group space, and grade 8s in and out preparing for a mock election. Every single space is being used- including the office. I just love it. I feel like this is how life should be!

I recently met with the principal to discuss work and how I was liking my job here and I brought up that I would really like to go to classrooms- especially the 8s and 9s- and talk to the students about why they don’t use the library more and what they would change about the space. He’s completely on board with this, agreeing that the space is wonderful and totally underused. I have high hopes that within the next month we’ll see some big changes, even if all that means is more use of the library for working.


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