Book Clubs

Years ago, I was part of my very first book club. We were a group of 5- 4 girls and a lone boy- who all worked together and somehow ended up deciding that a book club was an amazing idea. We had t-shirts and got together (for the book club) a grand total of twice, not counting the hours we spent working on the shirts and deciding on titles. I felt very grown up, sipping mojitos and discussing What is the What (Dave Eggers). The second book, Frank Miller’s From Hell disturbed me to no end, but only two of us read it, so the discussion was a little useless. It was still incredibly fun and the heart was there. Now, here I am, years later, ready to start a second book club after one of the teachers approached me here at work.

We use Edmodo here to post assignments and have kids submit work and the teachers use it for discussions as well. One of the groups we have is Teachers Read, where anyone can post about the books they’re reading or pose a question. I make sure to post once a week- it’s a great way to ask other people what they think of reading habits, articles, genres, or books and helps me to get to know my colleagues. The book club will most likely have a lot of the same members as this discussion group, but we’re going to meet at a pub, so decency will probably go the way of the dodo pretty quick. For our first book, we’re going to tackle Michael Chadon’s Telegraph Avenue. The teacher who suggested it is a huge Chadon fan, and although I’ve never read anything by him, I’m excited to dive into what promises to be at least a very well written story.



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